Last Minute Glitch with Your Mortgage? Dream America to the Rescue!!

You are pre-approved for a mortgage. After a time-consuming house search, you have an accepted offer on the house you want!  Everything is progressing through underwriting and heading to close.  Then the dreaded call from the mortgage lender comes…..”WE HAVE A PROBLEM.”  Maybe you are lucky enough to extend the closing and the problem is resolved.  Or maybe not.   And now you are frustrated and your purchase is falling apart. DREAM AMERICA TO THE RESCUE! Although you probably never considered lease to own companies, you are happy to hear that Dream America can jump-in, buy the house you have under contract, and then lease it back to you until you straighten out the issue with your mortgage.

How fast can we close a deal save?  1 week.  If the inspection is complete and any necessary repairs are already done, Dream America will take-over the existing file and work to close ASAP.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?  Complete the online application and email detalls about your situation to 

We are here to help!

Dream America is turning renters into owners!

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