Mortgage Loan Officers

Mortgage Loan Officers

Since 2018, Dream America has been working closely with loan officers.  LOs send clients to Dream America that need more time to qualify for a mortgage.  Dream America allows the client to move into the house they want today…..and then complete their purchase as soon as they qualify for a mortgage.

Why Partner with Dream America?

1) Rather than tell your clients (and their real estate agents) that they aren’t eligible today for a new house, you can help your client get into the house they want now, help your agents earn their commissions and build your book of future mortgage business.
2) Dream America closes in 2 weeks
3) Last minute problem with underwriting? Dream America to the rescue! Call us and we will keep your borrower on track for their Dream home
4) As part of the Dream America Program, clients stay in regular communication with the Dream Team and their loan officer (that is you!)


4 Easy Steps

1) Refer a client using your personalized link ( REGISTER  to get your link)
2) Clients can get pre-qualified in 5 minutes
3) Dream buys any eligible house for cash and rents it back to them until they are ready to buy
4) As soon as client is mortgage-ready, they can cancel their lease and buy their house. There is NO minimum rental period. We have had VA and Conventional clients buy back their home in as little as 1 month!