Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Dream America is turning renters into owners!  Dream America does not maintain an inventory of homes which means that you represent Dream America in the purchase of any home available for sale in the community that your client selects.

Get ready for The Dream America Program!

For your clients that don't currently qualify for a mortgage, Dream America allows them to pick the home they want from any available for sale.  Dream America then buys the home and leases it to them until they secure a mortgage.  This allows you to close more deals now rather than telling your clients to wait and buy in the future.  And when Dream buys, you earn your commission immediately!

Are you a Real Estate Agent interested in partnering with Dream America?

REGISTER NOW to get access to the Agent portal.  There you will be given a personalized link to the Dream America application with your name that you can use in your marketing.  You can then track the status of your clients that apply through automated email alerts and through the Agent portal.  You will also find a Dream America marketing brochure that you can customize with your contact information.

Do you have preferred mortgage lenders and builders that should be working with Dream America? Send us an email at  Dream America loves new construction and we use builder contracts!