Should I lease or lease to own?

The decision to lease versus lease to own is dependent on many factors given one’s personal and family situation and goals.  The best alternative may be for you to continue to rent and buy in the future.  However, if housing prices continue to rise, you will end up paying more in a year from now than you would today.  Perhaps your lease is ending and you need to move soon.  Leasing to own would allow you to move into your Dream home today.  A home that you have selected, not just another rental.  And finding the home that you desire today allows you to not have to move again and go through the time and expense of having to move twice.  When you lease to own through Dream America, we purchase houses with no financing contingency.  This means that Dream can probably get a better deal today than you could on a home that you select.  The less we pay today, the less you will pay in the future.

At Dream America, we realize that every potential client’s situation and home ownership goal is different given income, time horizon, and family needs.  Our goal is to provide options so that you can make an informed decision. And one that is right for you.  If you are an aspiring homeowner and looking to lease to own in Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee we invite you to apply.  You could just be a few weeks away from your Dream home.

What makes us different than other lease to own companies? Dream America is turning renters into owners!

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